“Living Well Begins With Eating Well”

Today when our busy schedules make us skip our meals and remind us of the times we brought our tiffin boxes unfinished from school, we till date hear our moms checking up on us every day after lunch. Don’t we all love home food that tastes like nostalgia and is cooked with the beauty of cultural style, a couple of heritage spices and a bucket full of love? A luxury gourmet experience with the entire heritage that qualifies as your priced possession, food that thrives on bringing back the culture of eating a variety of home cooked food and the one stop store for all your cravings is what VanEarth is here for. VanEarth is not just a store; it’s a home away from home. Built in a manner that caters to different cuisines and different age groups with equal approach, it is a home built for revisiting the cuisines of India. It takes pride in exploring the cultural ideas of the country with the culinary art of fine foods and drinks. With its ritualistic approach and first hand touch of experience, VanEarth aims at spreading with 50 stores across the country. Fill your buckets with love and add to your life and heart the touch of taste to enhance your experience with VanEarth.

We have opened our 1st Store in Andheri, Lokhandwala region with an approx. area of 4000 sq. ft. Add a touch of taste to your life and heighten your experience with Van-Earth.