Juice bars are the staple of healthy eating and healthy eating is the new trend. VanEarth always strives to provide our customers with everything they need, and thus, offers a wide selection of juices made with fresh ingredients right in front of you! Your health is important to us, as is your taste and preference.


The word ‘gourmet’ is defined as specialist of food and drinks and is a cultural ideal. Gourmet food is usually associated with the culinary arts of fine food. VanEarth has taken the concept of gourmet and adapted it to our traditional Indian snacks and foods. Just try our Tomato and Pudina Shorba or our Bhakarwadi Samosa. Our Thepla Quesadillas will completely beguile you, while our Baked Vada Pav will allow you guilt-free pleasure. We aim to use the finest ingredients to cater to your exclusive tastes, while providing you with the original deliciousness of the food and its complete nutritional value.